4/27/2020 9:15 – 11:30 AM

Room: M111

Educational Session | Deep Dive



Erin Schambureck

Interior Designer

CRW architecture + design group

Greg Guarnaccia


DoublEdge Design LLC


D03 – Low Vision: Tools and Techniques for Designing Supportive Environments

In this interactive deep-dive charrette, members of the National Institute of Building Sciences’ Low Vision Design Committee (LVDC) and the IESNA's Lighting For The Aged & Partially Sighted Committee, who exercise a multidisciplinary approach to empower those with low vision in their quest to lead independent and fulfilled lives, will immerse attendees in the conditions of and solutions for low vision. Attendees will analyze and rectify existing conditions in given spaces to create a more supportive design for people with low vision and experience low vision simulators to understand firsthand the visual challenges discussed. The team will share basic design principles and evidence-based “how-tos” and “what to dos” that designers can employ as they integrate building, interior, and lighting systems into supportive environments for the 17 million Americans who live within the spectrum of low vision.