4/26/2020 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Room: M108

Educational Session | Improving Memory & Specialty Care



Rena Vysnionis

Project Manager

Quantum Age Collaborative

Lorraine Hiatt

Environmental Gerontologist

Environmental Gerontologist, Planning, Research and Design Consultation


E05 – The Memory Care Design Challenge: Design Criteria That Score Winning Outcomes for Individuals, Groups and Staff

Researchers have begun to look beyond pharmaceuticals to tap into what people can versus cannot do, despite various combinations of memory and physical changes. The burgeoning demand for memory-related services and shrinking labor force have yet to be met with widespread, beneficial design initiatives. More responsive settings may increase movement, mitigate mood disorders/stress, and improve attention span. Layouts and equipment may also match care and service roles without conveying institutional dependency of the past. The environment is present 24 hours a day, and to overlook or ignore its potential further invites confusion and deflects time, thereby squandering precious healthcare resources. This session offers visions, examples, and design tools to meet these challenges.