4/27/2020 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Room: M104

Educational Session | Case Studies and Lessons Learned



Lorraine Hiatt

Environmental Gerontologist

Environmental Gerontologist, Planning, Research and Design Consultation

Gaius Nelson




E33 – If You Design It, Can We Staff It?

This lively session illustrates opportunities to increase the value of informed design decisions for attracting and benefitting both elders and staff. Participants will take away tools for expediting design decisions and adding value to settings, affording the sponsor and design team a competitive edge in their marketplace and potential national significance for addressing the economics and outcomes of investing in more purposefully designed healthcare. Case study illustrations and post-occupancy examples will be shared—from traditional, moderate-to-large facilities to individual versus connected households for new and retrofit sites. Attendees will obtain important lessons learned and discuss the pros and cons of various design choices.