4/27/2020 2:30 – 3:30 PM

Room: M108

Educational Session | Improving Memory & Specialty Care



Noral Steward

President and Senior Principal Consultant

Stewart Acoustical Consultants

Mandy Kachur

Co-owner and Principal Consultant

Soundscape Engineering


E35 – Exploring the Effects of Noise in Dining Rooms

Residents of senior communities have a high incidence of hearing impairments, which produces a quality of life issue in noisy dining rooms. Being unable to comprehend speech in noise is a common problem that limits enjoyment, communication, and well-being. This presentation explores alleviation of this problem through good architectural practices that include designing the quantity of sound-absorbing acoustical treatments, the number of seats at a table, the distance between speaker and listener, the distance between tables, noise barrier options, and isolation of sound sources. While these design improvements benefit people of all hearing abilities, they are of particular importance to people with hearing impairments.