4/27/2020 8:00 – 9:00 AM


Keynote |



Patricia Moore


MooreDesign Associates


K03 – Keynote – The Changemaker

Patricia Moore has been named a Changemaker by The Center for Health Design—an award that honors individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional ability to change the way facilities are designed and built to universally serve all populations, and whose work has had broad impact on the advancement of environments for aging.

Known as the mother of Universal Design, Moore is an internationally renowned gerontologist and designer, serving as a leading authority on consumer lifespan behaviors and requirements. Her extensive career, innovative research, and leadership have served as guideposts for care and design for decades.

This fun and engaging interview with Pattie will offer a unique look into her iconic life and career and will identify accomplishments in the industry and the many challenges we’ve yet to face together.