4/28/2020 12:00 – 1:00 PM


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K04 – Closing Keynote – Achieving Affordability: We Know We Need It, But How Do We Get There?

For decades, the senior living design industry has been working tirelessly to improve environments for aging, ushering in innovative designs and new housing models. The results have been spectacular but also unattainable by a huge segment of the population due to the high cost of living at the communities developed. While many subsidized options exist for low-income seniors, Middle America continues to face a dearth of choices, with affordability serving as a major barrier to accessing safe, socially engaging, and aesthetically pleasing housing. Join this esteemed panel for a discussion on what it will take to make affordable senior living a reality. They’ll discuss current barriers and how to break down those barriers as well as explore alternative approaches that leverage the design breakthroughs that have been made but deliver them in a manner that makes them achievable for the millions of seniors who fall in the middle.

Presented by – Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Editor-in-Chief, Environments for Aging magazine, and a panel of environments for aging industry leaders