Libby LagutaPresident, AAHID
L2D Interior Design LLC

Libby is a well-seasoned interior designer with over 35 years of experience in a niche market of senior living and healthcare. Her client relationships usually span more than a single project and sometimes more than a decade. Libby spoke at the Health care Design conference in 2016 regarding sociopetal and sociofugal seating arrangements in waiting areas. Her interest is to bring client goals as well as community expectations to life. Libby hears that clients need a facility that is both unique and consistent with their brand. It needs to touch the clients that it serves. Today, the optimal word is “consumer” and all designs point to making residents and families feel at ease and comfortable in their physical environment. After all, this is the residents’ home.

E34 – The Connection: Relating the 2018 FGI Guidelines to Interior Design for Optimal Outcomes

4/27/2020 2:30 PM | M107