Robert WrublowskyPrincipal Partner
MMP Architects

Robert (Bob) has been practicing architecture for 24 years, and is currently a Principal Partner at MMP Architects. As Senior partner Robert is responsible for corporate culture and procurement of new clients and projects. The firm is structured around Robert’s philosophy to empower staff to succeed in new challenges. Robert specializes in the planning and design of elder care projects, aiming to improve the quality of care for people living in long term care facilities and supportive housing projects forming part of the continuum of care for seniors.

Challenging the traditional view of the Long Term Care home as a treatment facility, Robert advocates for a cultural shift through a care model that supports a non-pharmacologic approach for neurocognitive disorders. Robert’s view of the models of care in the majority of today’s long term care facilities is that they contribute to a loss of identity where the person’s purpose in life is stifled behind an institutional and procedural system of care. Robert is an advocate for system wide change which calls for a new foundation of health care for our elderly where a personal care home can become a place for living rather than a place to die; a vision not possible to fulfil within the current framework of care.

E26 – Tool for Evaluating the Design of the Household Model

4/27/2020 10:30 AM | M100