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2023 EFA Conference – 18 hours CEU (AIA/IDCEC), 15 hours CEU (EDAC)

Updated March 8, 2023

The Environments for Aging Conference plans its educational content to comply with the accreditation requirements accepted by most major credentialing organizations. Because continuing education requirements differ among state and national agencies, attendees should contact their credentialing agencies for specific acceptance requirements. Attendees receive CE credits for participating in the following educational opportunities: facility tours, pre-conference workshops, keynotes, and educational breakout sessions.

To receive Continuing Education Credits following criteria must be met:
  • Conference registration fees must be paid in full.
  • Attendees must attend the full duration of the session (i.e. no leaving before the session is over).
  • Attendee’s badge must be scanned by the room monitor at the start of every session. It is the attendee’s responsibility to ensure their badge is scanned.


To receive CE credit, you will need to have the room monitor scan your conference badge at the start of the session. Conference staff will submit your attendance to AIA electronically as long as you provided your AIA member number at registration. 18 credit hours are available. It is recommended that you keep a copy of the AIA verification form for your records to be able to track which session you attended. AIA CE credits will be recorded in the AIA transcript system within 6-8 weeks of attending the conference.

CE credits will be issued by the American Institute of Architects Provider Quality Reporting Statement (PQRS). The Center for Health Design is a registered provider with The American Institute of Architects Continuing Education Systems. Certificates of Completion for non-AIA members are available upon request. Community Tours (T01 and T02) are included for Architects. For more information, please email Natalie Gonzalez,

EDAC – Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification

15 EDAC credit hours are available. EDAC-certified individuals must retain their EDAC verification form after the conference. It is the candidate’s responsibility to self-submit the credits online through Scantron at the time of their EDAC renewal. Renewal notices with login instructions will be sent from Scantron four months prior and one month prior to the candidate’s renewal date. If attendees have questions or concerns about this process, please contact for assistance.

EDAC – Certified Sessions include:

W01, E03, E04, E05, E07, E09, E10, E13, E14, E15, E19, E22, E23, E25, E27, E29, E30, E31, E33, E36, E39, E45, D01, D02

Interior Designers

At the end of each presentation, there will be a QR class code specific to each presentation that you will scan and upload into the IDCEC mobile attendance app to record your attendance. It is recommended that you also have your IDCEC Verification Form STAMPED by the room monitor at the conclusion of each presentation you attend. You will keep this form for your records as you will self-submit each session you attend. This is the only proof of attendance that will be accepted for completion of your CEU credit.

18 credit hours are available for all IDCEC organizations: ASID/IDC/IIDA. You need to self-report your credits to the IDCEC system at the conclusion of the conference. If you have questions about reporting your credits, contact the interior design association that is responsible for monitoring mandatory continuing education to fulfill membership requirements.

For questions about CEUs, please email Natalie Gonzalez at

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